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"Jazz Dancer"
Contact Name:  Roger Adams
Address:             6019 W. Addison St
                             Chicago Il. 60634
Telephone:  1- 773 - 545 4810

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to complete your purchases here insures your privacy by encryption.
The only information I use is that which is necessary to process your
order. I don't share or sell this information to third parties, guaranteed.

Prints made from my artwork are of the highest caliber obtainable
through digital solid pigment printing and then carefully inspected by
myself for color and fidelity to the original. In other words, I have a
special interest since it is my work, to put out the best of reproductions
as well. In that sense, one could say that the prints have a quality all of
their own. Since all prints are printed on an individual basis according
to the orders received (known as limited edition), a given print will take
a day or two before it is ready to be shipped. Accordingly, one could
normally expect delivery within five days before your order reaches you
depending on where you live. Orders are shipped via
Fed Ex Ground  
wrapped in packing materials to avoid injury to the artwork. (You will
receive a confirmation by E-Mail or phone before delivery.)  

After a print is made it is mounted on a 3/16 in, foam core board and
laminated with a very thin sheet of acrylic to protect its surface from
both moisture and UV rays of the sun. This process thickens the
finished print to make it suitable for hanging without the use of a frame.
Each print will have a 3/8" inch black border that will act as a frame; or,
if you wish to frame it a custom frame will not be able to cut beyond the
border of the picture thus diminishing the size of the painting.
However, since all prints will be supplied with hangers and string you
can hang it right away as soon as you receive it!
Terms And Conditions
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Three sizes are offered: 24"in., 30"in., and 36"in., either horizontally
or vertically depending on whether or not it is basically a horizontal
or vertical painting, in which case the longest sides would be
considered either as 24"in., 30"in., or as 36", and the other sides of
the rectangle would fall into the proportionate area accordingly.
Since no two paintings are exactly the same size it is quite natural
that they be measured in this manner. What size you choose for a
particular painting is up to you depending, let's say, on the space you
want to hang it, or depending on the given size of the painting to
begin with. A larger formated painting and subject could take on a
larger size to fill the space of a larger wall for instance - or vice
versa, a smaller size would be just fine for a smaller space, and etc. A
good idea is for a "vertical" design be put on a "vertical wall" and a
"horizontal" design be put on a basically "horizontal wall" - but again,
it's up to you to decide, for there are many different combinations
you can have. In that sense, if it looks right it is right.          
A 24"in., print sells for $59.95.
A 30"in., print sells for $98.75                                                                          
A 36"in., print sells for $117.25
The cost of shipping and handling is $15.00 additional as a flat rate.
Upon delivery your signature is required. At that time inspect the box
for  any damages (bent or torn box). If so, do not accept and your order
will be replaced. All orders are carefully inspected prior to shipping. If
you work or are not always available, state when is the best time for
delivery in your E-Mail and
Fed Ex will comply or inform you.

I make sure that every print sent out meets with my quality standards,
so it is a matter of trust in my services that I want you to depend on. To
that extent I want you to give me a star rating expressing your
satisfaction so that you'll order more prints and/or recommend me to
your friends. Thus I handle your order with care and assurance.
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