How You  Can Buy My Prints
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About us Page
Contact Name: Roger Adams
Address: 6019 W. Addison St
Chicago IL. 60634
Telephone: 1- 773 - 545 4810

Website E Mail:  (customer orders,
messages, and questions associated with this business).

Alternate E Mail:  (general business).

I specialize in providing the customer with prints on fine art papers and
canvas printing. The primary product I provide is giclee printing.
Pronounced ["Zhee-glay"], it is a French word meaning to
spray. Using
high end ink jet printers, archival grade papers, and pigmented inks (not
dyes) that produce the best results that do not fade and last more than
a lifetime. Because these prints are of such quality they actually
increase in value in time. Note that the prints, on canvas or paper, will
not have any watermarks as they will come from the adjusted prints
collection called "flat prints". They are beautifully rendered prints

Along with printing we also offer frames in various types and sizes. It is
the most preferable way to hang a given print on your wall (hangers
included). So take a look.

In the various pages of the site itself you'll note that each print has a
media listed that the artwork was done with. For example, each print
was done in oil base, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, or pastel. Those in oil
base or acrylic were done on canvas, whereas the others were done on
artist's paper. The one's done on paper can be printed on paper,
whereas those painted on canvas can be printed on stretched canvas.
But, either way, it's up to you to decide how you would prefer it.

Frames and framing: They are priced according to the type of frame you
prefer. They come in various colors, widths, styles, and so forth, to suit
your budget or your taste, and/or how they look around the picture you
like. So there is no given price available until you place your order.

Glass or glazing (Plexiglas) is offered in order to protect your artwork if
you order a frame (slightly additional). Actual glass is not provided
because it can break upon shipping. Then too, another option is that you
could simply cover your canvas prints with a thin coat of acrylic glaze
that would protect it (slightly additional).     

Since all prints are printed on an individual basis according to the orders
received, a given print can take from three days or more depending on   
whether it is a stretched canvas or it comes with a frame and so forth
before it is ready to be shipped. In that case, one could expect delivery
within three to five, even seven days before your order reaches you
depending on where you live and other factors mentioned above. Orders
are drop-shipped via U.P.S., and are well wrapped within a plastic
sleeve then in a box with packing materials to avoid injury to the
artwork. (You will receive a confirmation by E-Mail or phone before
delivery and a tracking system.)

After a print is made it can be mounted on a 3/16" in., stiff archival
backing  board, (cost additionally).  This process thickens the finished
print to make it suitable for hanging alone even without the use of a
frame. Each print can have a white border that will frame out the
picture; or, without any white borders at all. But if you do, they come in
four sizes, 1/2" inch, 1" inch, and 2" inch sizes. Some of my paintings
already come with their own colored borders so that having a border is
in that case not needed, as in the case of watercolors for example. Or,
they may come with their own thin black borders, and etc.  Colored mats
(additional cost) can be  surround any given print or simply leave it as a
white border, or as it is, and etc.
Terms And Conditions
Nine standard sizes are offered: 12"in., 14"in., 16"in., 18"in., 20"in.,
24"in., 28" in., 32"in., and 36"in., as well as all sizes in between, either
horizontally or vertically depending on whether or not it is basically a
horizontal or a vertical painting. In which case the longest side  could
be up to 36"inches, while the other sides of the rectangle would fall
into the proportionate area accordingly. Since no two paintings are
exactly the same size it is quite natural that they be measured in this
manner. What size you choose for a particular painting is up to you
depending, let's say, on the space you want to hang it, or depending on
the given size of the painting to begin with. A larger formated painting
and subject could take on a larger size to fill the space of a larger wall
for instance - or vice versa, a smaller size would be just fine for a
smaller space, and so on. A good idea is for a "vertical" print be put on
a vertical wall and a "horizontal" print be put on a basically horizontal
wall - but again, it's up to you to decide, for there are many different
combinations you can have. In that sense, if it looks right and fits right
it is right.

Note: A relatively small painting should keep to its original size
and go no more than from 12'' inches up to, let's say, 24" or 30"
inches. A larger size painting (as indicated by the size of the
prints on the web site) could be much larger, on up to 40"
inches! - it's all up to you.
The cost of handling and shipping is additional as a flat rate. Drop
shipping is handled by U.P.S. At that time of delivery inspect the box
for  any damages (bent or torn box). If so, do not accept and your
order will be replaced. All orders are carefully inspected prior to
shipping. If you work or are not always available, state when is the
best time for delivery in your E-Mail and U.P.S., mail will comply. You
can also have it dropped off at a friends house or at work, and etc.

I make sure that every print sent out meets with my quality standards,
so it is a matter of trust in my services that I want you to depend on.
That means honesty on both sides. To that extent I want you to give
me a star rating expressing your satisfaction so that you'll order more
prints and/or recommend me to your friends. Thus I make sure to
handle your order with care and assurance. It is the same care from
the very beginning when I first took out my brushes and paints to
capture the wondrous world that inspired me and that I can now offer
to the public. This is my true happiness and satisfaction. I hope that it
is yours too.