TO Buy Prints
You've come to the destination point of this web site. I've
arrived too, to make sure you get the best.
List the items you wish to purchase:
  1. One or more prints on cotton archival Hahn
emuhle paper (the best).
  2. The size of each print
. Standard sizes: 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 28",30", and
       36",  inches, as well as all sizes in between. (small paintings

  3. Would you like to have them backed?
They come in three types.
  4. Would you like to have some of them to come with mats? Or, simply leave
      them as they are. You can also have white borders around each print in
      widths of 1/2", 1"
, 2", and 3" inches, but these additions will decrease the
      size of your actual p
ainting, so make allowance for that and increase size.
  5. Would you like to have a frame on your print(s). What type and color
      would you like? Do you want to cover your print(s) with glass (Plexiglas)
      after you've framed them?
   6. Canvas prints wrapped around wooden frames (traditional). (They
       should be covered with an acrylic glaze to protect the finish.)
  7. The side edges of the print itself can have a color of your choice, or
       an attached frame. The size of frame must have enough depth so that
       the wrapped frame does not stick out from the wall as would be the case
       with a narrow frame.

 One of the benefits of having a canvas print is that you don't need to have
       a picture frame. The sides of the frame itself can be colored so that it more
       or less matches the dominant color of the painting - or colored black.
      They come with a hanger.
Now that these informations have been provided let's go ahead and fulfill
your order.